My Graphic Arts & Design Portfolio

Here is a neat collection of my previous work in the graphic arts & design field.


Omaemona (Mona Beer)

This is a poster ad I designed as a game texture, for the fictional beer brand "Omaemona".

The ROBLOXian Man

When making this graphic, I was experimenting with how I could process a vector image to look more "rough" and "hand-made". I think it turned out quite nicely.


The Relicraft Website

This is a website design I made for my Minecraft server, Relicraft.


The asyncollective Logo

This logo went through multiple iterations; the early "roadsign" version (right) is my favourite, but it didn't accurately represent the brand, so I created the new version (left) to replace it.

"Terrible Tech Repair" (original/revised)

A logo I designed for a fictional company "Terrible Tech Repair" as part of a school project. Curiously, the revised version looks worse than the original; must have been a phase.


Game Menu Icons - Upgrades/Cash Shop

These are menu icons I created for one of my ROBLOX games. One of them is for a button that opens the "upgrades" menu, while another opens the real-money shop.